Aron Decuyper

Aron Decuyper

PhD candidate
Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University


My name is Aron Decuyper. Since October 2021, I started my doctoral research at the Department of Educational Sciences of Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ruben Vanderlinde (UGent) and Prof. Dr. Mathea Simons (UAntwerpen).

PhD project

My doctoral research is part of the large-scale ESTAFETT project, which investigates the impact of team teaching on both teachers and students. Team teaching is seen as a collaborative teaching model in which two or more teachers work together in the preparation, teaching, or evaluation of a lesson. My research focuses within the project on teachers’ effective teaching behavior in the context of team teaching in Flanders. By means of a large-scale survey study and a video-based observation study, I aim to gain more insight into the relationship between the practice of team teaching and the effective teaching behavior of team teachers. In doing so, a measurement instrument to map the practice of team teaching will be developed and validated. Thus, my research aims to make a theoretical, empirical and methodological contribution to the literature on team teaching.

Background information

In 2021, I graduated from Ghent University with a master’s degree in Pedagogy and Education. I also have a teacher’s degree in secondary education for the subjects of mathematics and physical education.