Benjamin Ponet

Benjamin Ponet

PhD candidate
Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University


I am Benjamin Ponet. Since October 2020 I am a PhD candidate at the Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ruben Vanderlinde and Prof. Dr. Wendelien Vantieghem.

PhD project

My PhD project focuses on teacher educators’ crucial role to create an educational system that genuinely serves all students (‘diversity-responsive education) and the corresponding professional development. In particular, my research aims to conceptualise teacher educators’ diversity-responsive practices, to map their perceptions and practices related to (approaching) diversity, and to foster their responsiveness to diversity by a professional development initiative.

Background information

I obtained my Master’s degree in Educational Sciences at Ghent University in 2020. Before that, I worked as a primary school teacher in alternative education.