Lien Dorme

Lien Dorme

PhD candidate
Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University


My name is Lien Dorme. In February 2023, I started my doctoral research at the Department of Educational Sciences of Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ruben Vanderlinde.

PhD project

My doctoral research is part of the large-scale FWO-SBO project, named TACOS. This project aims to develop a blended professional development program to foster language stimulating competences of kindergarten teachers. To map the impact of the program, an experimental research is conducted using a mixed-method design. The project addresses a lack of experimental studies around the topic.

Background information

In 2015, I graduated from KU Leuven with a master’s degree in Pedagogical Sciences. Additionally, I did a manama in quantitative data analysis in 2016. Afterwards I worked as a researcher, connected to multiple research fields. Before joining the Department of Educational Studies, I was an assistent researcher at the Department of Criminology.