Sarah Marent

Sarah Marent

PhD candidate
Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University


I am Sarah Marent. Since September 2016, I am a PhD student making a joint PhD between the KULeuven (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Geert Kelchtermans) and Ghent University (under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ruben Vanderlinde).

PhD project

My PhD project is about the professional development of beginning teachers. The focus of my research is on the role of their relationships – their social network – for their professional development throughout their career. This project wants to study how, under which conditions, and with what impact, beginning teachers develop social networks with relevant actors and how they develop professionally in and through that network. This research aims to contribute at deepening and refining theory development about teachers’ professional development by addressing it from a relational perspective, grounded in social network theory.

Background information

I obtained my Master’s degree in Educational Sciences at KULeuven in june 2016 and started my PhD in September 2016.