Thibaut Duthois


Thibaut Duthois

PhD candidate
Department of Educational Studies at Ghent University
Centre for Diversity and Learning at Ghent University


My name is Thibaut Duthois. In January 2023, I started my interdisciplinary doctoral research in linguistics and education sciences at the Centre of Diversity and Learning and the Department of Educational Sciences at Ghent University, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Maribel Montero Perez, Prof. Dr. Ruben Vanderlinde and Prof. Dr. Piet Van Avermaet.

PhD project

My PhD research deals with the language development competences of preschool teachers and is part of the FWO-SBO project TACOS. I will investigate how language learning opportunities are distributed among children, by examining preschool teachers’ attentional distribution using mobile eye tracking.

Background information

I received my teacher’s diploma at the Arteveldehogeschool in 2019 and obtained my Master’s degree in Educational sciences at Ghent University in 2022. Throughout my studies, I started an education project, ‘Overhaald’, following research on the reading motivation of newly arrived migrant students.